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BREAKING: Actual cause of the xenophobic attack in South Africa revealed [video]

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The main reason South Africans attacked Nigerians their country has emerged, an eyewitness narrated the story.

In a viral video by Facebook client, Sihle Faith Kunene, two men, who said to had witnessed the killing of a Taxi Driver that prompted the citizen resorted into killing foreigners, revealed that it was not a Nigerian that killed him.

They said the Taxi driver was killed by a Tasmanian, selling off the hard drug on the street, no Nigerian engage in such business.

They said some are Pretorians, at night, they normally rob residents, inflict injury on them and made away with their properties.

One of the witnesses, when asked why they always calling and involving Nigerians in such criminal activities, he said they are poised to spoil the image of Nigerians.

He said media has contributed to making people believe it is Nigerians that always carry out the crime in South Africa and people who hate Nigerians. Said Nigerians are being victims of crime committed by Tasmanians.

A few days now, Nigerians and other foreigners residing in South Africa have been faced with severe attacks, destroying their properties.

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In response to the attacks, some African countries, including Zambian students, Nigerians students etc carried out reprisal attack, destroy properties belonging to companies in their country.

MTN, Shoprite, DSTV and South African owned companies have recorded huge loss in different countries in Africa, which led to closing some of their shops.

Nigeria president, Mohammadu Buhari, has also deployed Special envoys to South Africa to remind the president, Cyril Ramaphosa of his diplomatic responsibility to protect foreigners residence in his country.

Air Peace Nigeria has volunteered to offer free flight service to all Nigerians willing to return home from South Africa, starting from Monday, 9 September 2019.

See video:

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