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Brave Diplomat confronts Chinese Officials for mistreating Nigerians

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A brave Nigerian Diplomat, Razaq Dayo Lawal, the Consul Head of Chancery/Trade and Investment has confronted Chinese officials for mistreating some Nigerians in China during the fourteen days lockdown exercise imposed in the country.

In video footage in circulation picked during the hot conversation showed some Chinese officials being addressed by the Diplomat, Razaq Dayo Lawal for shutting down only Nigerian business outlets without prompt information.

According to Razaq, who depicted bravery predominantly seen within Igbos queried against seizure of passports of Nigerian Businessmen and women after they observed first order by the government.

He noted that the government ordered for compulsory COVID-19 test and fourteen days business shutdown and both were duly observed but after the fourteen days  their surprise all business premises were forcefully closed.

He said their passports were taken away from them for over 14 days adding that any wrong act on them accrued from the seizure is indirectly acting on the Nigerian government.

This has again restored hope of Nigerians home and abroad that such personality can fight at the frontline for them without considering region or religion, extending heartfelt commendation to the Diplomat.

Some Nigerians fondly reacted to the kind gesture, asked “if the Nigerian President, Mohammadu Buhari can stand out this brave to defend Nigerians” adding that Mr Anozie Maduabuchi CyrilRazaq Dayo Lawal replicated spirit of average Igbo-man.

Sadly to say, this coincidentally coming moment when some Nigerians are reportedly evicted from their shops, living house and Lodged resorts over residential Permit.

Over four days now the affected persons were spotted around unhealthy atmosphere amidst the escalating crisis with no food or drink.

On the other side of the report,  humanitarian relief was provided on Thursday from America as covered in viral video footage obtained by SCANNEWS24.

It will interest you to know that Nigerian government is closely working with the Chinese government regards over ten Medical experts arrived the country yesterday to assist Nigeria’s Indigenous Doctor in combating the health common enemy, COVID-19.

And some military equipments reportedly arrived the country on Thursday to enhance the armoury in-store on fight against Boko Haram terrorists.


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