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Boko Haram rains live bullets at Nigerian soldiers

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Nigerian soldiers have come under heavy confrontation, live bullets rains from Boko Haram terrorists’ camp at the battlefront.

In viral video footage retrieved by SCANNEWS24, the soldiers had absorbed consistent hits from the insurgents firing from all corners.

One of the combatants may be in view to put up to the general public a live video, covered brief scenes said that is what the troopers are currently facing.

This is coming few days the Chief of Army Staff, Gen Buratai relocated to North East to help intensify attacks on the rampaging militants.

Buratai, however, urged the troops to intensified efforts against the militias noting that there is no better time than now and it is forward ever.

He addressed his men a headed letter “final clearance” of the insurgents adding that army owes it as a duty to rescue the country from the rampaging killers.

He advised the senior combating troopers who have gained experience fighting since 10 years ago to guide and motivate the junior ones.

Meanwhile, the Chadian authorities on Thursday conveyed 58 captured Boko Haram terrorists to court after the soldiers raided their warehouse.


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