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Biafran Scientists Launches Another Huge Rocket watch

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A collection of youths in the southeast believed to be Biafran scientists said to have tested the second phase of their fighter rocket.

In three minutes obtained footage sighted by #Scannews24 displays a giant rocket launched for the first time.

According to the launcher, the current product is twenty feet tall and has an elevator that enables it to spring up easily, attached to it.

Another adjustment on the new version is a control panel which allows the launcher or user to control its target in a specific direction while in the space.

The speed span says to cover over two thousand feet.

This appears to be a disturbing clip regarding unending security challenges rocking major parts of Southern Nigeria.

Southeast, particularly, has witnessed series of raids and counter attacks targeted on safety faculties and personal mostly daily.

Recall, IPOB leadership on December last year charged her security wing, ESN, to flush out all criminals killing and raping farmers in rural communities.

The group accused Fulani Herdsmen grazing in the region behind major attacks which have turned the area killing and raping fields.

 Meanwhile, Southern leaders has agreed on implementing ban on open grazing across its states, warned defaulters to desist. Watch



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