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BIAFRA: US-based Lawyer Drag Nigeria’s AGF, Malami To Debate on Self-determination

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United States-based Lawyer and attorney for Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) on foreign matters, Bruce Fein has dragged the Attorney General of Nigeria, Malami to debate on Biafra Self-determination.

Fein also urged the AGF to designate any representative to challenge noting that Malame who still serves as Minister of Justice accepts defeat if he dishonors the call.

In words as shared on Twitter, 22 May 2022: “I challenge Attorney General Malami or his designee to debate me on Nigerian television. Topic: The legal right of Biafrans to self-determination.

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“My opponent can use two words to every one of mine. Malami concedes defeat if he scampers away from my challenge.

He further argued that Nigeria’s condition of 1999 was put together by military dictators. Bruce Fein noted that denied public input and dishonored self-determination maintained that sovereignty belongs to the people.

The tweep shared yesterday read: “Nigeria’s 1999 Constitution ordained by a military dictator illegally occupying office denying public input was DOA by dishonoring self-determination and Article 14: “sovereignty belongs to the people of Nigeria.” Is there a single Nigerian judge to scrap the 1999 abomination?

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