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“Biafra Must Come Because Nigeria expired 2014” Priest told Church (Video)

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A clergyman, Fr. Magnus Ebere has assured members of his church never to lose hope that Biafra must come.

The priest who was administering during a procession in f programme in one of the festive programmes.

Clarifying his statement, Fr. Ebere Nigeria has expired adding that the amalgamation of regions Has one elapsed in 2014.

Speaking further he admonished the congregation to be prayerful, that they will succeed either in Nigeria or Biafra as a country.

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The clergy of E-Dey Work Ministries queried, as captured in a circulating clip, queried why is the country still together when is obvious nothing is working. Citing House of Assembly members staging a walkout during seating is session.

He additionally pointed out that in a country where different regions (Oduduwa, Ibom Republics, etc) want to go, why still force them together?

He warned, noting that in a family where members of a family want to go if dare tries to stop them they may kill you.

He, however, prayed against every forces holding down the peace of the country.


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