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Biafra is a matter of life and death, you either defend yourself or die

A few hundred years ago there were no Fulani anywhere in West Africa apart from some traveling groups and families here and there. They came by conquest.

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Biafra is a matter of life and death. Either you form Biafra, set up an army and defend your borders or you will all die.

There is no room for argument or pleading, you are being invaded by a people who want to terminate you all. It doesn’t matter if you are Muslim or married to Fulani or have nothing but love in your heart or even be willing to serve them as a slave, they want you dead and take your land.

The Yoruba are targeted to be next but are being left alone for now because the Fulani still wants to use them first and they need the harbor in Lagos for their supplies.

The Fulani have been destroying the entire agriculture in the North on purpose to make the poor masses completely dependent on imported food that comes through Lagos. The moment they stop the supplies, the people see no other choice then to move to where there is food and that is South.

A few hundred years ago there were no Fulani anywhere in West Africa apart from some traveling groups and families here and there. They came by conquest. They live by depleting the land completely till it literally turns to desert. This is called desertification. When man’s lifestyle causes nature to get out of balance, the water no longer stays in the soil and everything burns and eventually turns to sand.

They simply move forward when the land has rejected them by no longer giving produce, not even grass for their cattle. Whoever lives in the land they move to is targeted for extinction or servitude. They engage in politics and propaganda and create conflict among the people they want to invade. Then offer their own leaders as champions for fair leadership. When taking over leadership, they show their true colors and go on a killing spree, killing millions and subdue whoever can be subdued. They destroy education so the people can not think for themselves and don’t know what happened to the generation before them.

The Hausa used to have a vast empire across the Sub-Sahara region, mighty cities and societies, highest education in the world, contributing to science, medicine on a high level, living standards among the best in Africa. The Fulani has killed millions upon millions of them and have reduced the rest to how you know them today.

That is exactly what they want to do to you. Kill who can not be subdued and reduce the rest to nothing. That is the reason the British-Dutch governments and companies liked the Fulani because the Fulani were eager to sell you into slavery so they could fund their progress.

After slavery could no longer be maintained as a result of the intense wars in Europe and the fights over colonies, there were a series of conferences in Berlin (now Germany) where the European governments, royal families and companies agreed on how to divide the territories. This was nicknamed the scramble for Africa. The British and Dutch governments, royal families and companies made a deal with the Fulani to create Nigeria to suppress the Yoruba and Igbo by divide and conquer. Initially Nigeria seemed like a relative success because the whites wanted to live in this country and wanted to expand this similar to South Africa.

They still cheated each other leading to World War 1 mostly because what we call Germany today felt cheated. Shortly after this continued to World War 2, these World Wars are actually one and the same war with a short period of “peace” in between. Afterwards the Europeans no longer had the manpower or the economic power to continue the oppression of colonisation the way they did before. They decided to cut their losses and destroy each of the countries that they no longer wished to live in with exception of some of the cities (or parts of it) that they needed to maintain.

So they made a deal with Gowon to commit genocide against millions of Biafrans. To the West this was a business decision. Reduce the population and empoverish them to block economic progress to prevent them from becoming future competition. To the Fulani it was another step into preparing the ground for the full invasion they are planning now.

The entire infrastructure was destroyed, education, agriculture and more. For this same reason they polluted the entire coastal areas. For this same reason Christianity got pushed more then before and this whole plan is also why Biafra has so many kings, most of them were appointed by the colonizers as a part of the divide and conquer tactics. Make the people to bring their grievance to their local kings who had no real power. And go to church to pray instead of going to war against the oppressors.

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This entire period of hundreds of years of slavery and colonization including the creation of Nigeria, the genocide and the economic sabotage till today, the promotion of Christianity and the creation of hundreds of small kings was part of one and the same plan. For the West to exploit the resources and block future economic competition, for the Fulani to weaken the people for full invasion.

The Fulani leaders know that the way they live they must move South to survive with their lifestyle because they have finished the North. They have known this for more than a hundred years. It is not for nothing these politicians stay in power till death in one capacity or another because they are the ones who maintain their vision. They do not care to change their lifestyle of depleting the land and invade the next. They don’t have interest in projects to bring back life into the desert. They just want to move on South.

This has got nothing to do with Islam. They use religion to control the masses but also take upon any religion to infiltrate the people, many of their leaders are Christians and many of their victims are Muslims. They are only Muslims by mouth. It is only about tribe, religion is just one of the many tools they use.

They use birth rate and genocide to change the demographics. This is the reason why elections even though rigged have no real effect. Even if they didn’t rig them, it would still be in their favor. Elections is just another tool for them. Look at Atiku, it is just another pawn in their game, he has the same plan. They will just say, go and bring your own presidential candidate and you can vote in four years. While they already now they will rig the election anyway. Whatever form of governance a country has, they just use it to their advantage and lie. Because lie is nothing to them, lie has no meaning, it is a respected tool and strategy to achieve an objective.

Right now they have closed your international airports and sea ports to block your ability to import weapons and food. They install Ruga and Waterway Bill to destroy your agriculture. When successful they can easily block ALL of your importation that goes through Lagos because they control that completely. They will simply steal your imported goods and use for their own soldiers and let you starve from hunger again. THAT is their plan they are implementing right now.

They tell you to go to court which they control, they will allow you to talk to UN and other white supremacy institutions because they believe those will continue to be on their side and they punish any and every effort to protect yourselves. They pay terrorists to destroy your daily life so you are too busy to survive to be able to stand together and fight. They use your own politicians through corruption against you, the same for your elders and many of the small kings and especially your pastors that they control, to start a big church in Nigeria, it must be approved by Fulani controlled institutions or you can’t open shop.

Their next move is to squeeze you like how a python or a crocodile squeezes their victims, hence the names of their operations. Squeeze the breath from your lungs until you suffocate to death. And how they calculate it, by the time you stand up and fight, they think you will be to weak to defend yourselves and they plan to kill you all this time, Biafran genocide times TEN. THAT is their plan.

The militants in the Niger Delta they control through their puppets through Islam and corruption, making the people in the Niger Delta to be divided amongst themselves and make them not to support Biafra. Akwa-Ibom and Cross-Rivers, they have always known are a people that have a servetitude character so they did develop much of their lands and left them in relative peace, making them less interested in Biafra because they have it relatively good. While the Yoruba has been made to believe their lies and propaganda against you so they will have no problem locking you out of Lagos. Trying to land-lock Biafra.

However, ALL tribes are targeted for elimination. The people of Akwa-Ibom and Cross-Rivers will be eliminated too, the people from the Niger Delta will be eliminated too. The Yoruba will be eliminated too. The Hausa will be eliminated too. They are ready to kill over a hundred million people in the next few years in order to take over all of the land and continue their lifestyle of depleting the land. And after that, they invade Cameroon and Benin and eventually the whole of West-Africa.

THAT is their plan and THAT is their goal.

Biafra is a matter of life and death, there is nothing more important then Biafra. You simply have 2 options.
1. Free Biafra, set up an army and defend your borders.
2. DIE
Those are your options.

If you need a visual image to have an idea, remember any of the zombie movies you ever watched. They intent to overrun you by braindead people who have no other intention then to kill you all. It is a horrible thing to say about a people but this is the bitter TRUTH and even the biggest doubters among you, deep in your hearts, you know this. They do not reason, they are ready to sacrifice their own, they don’t care about life, they come to kill all of you no matter who you are or what you have done for them.

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