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Benny Hinn prophesy against evil powers, Islamization in Nigeria (full text, Video) 

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Toufik Benedictus “Benny” Hinn has Shocked the world with thunderstorm prophecy on what will befall evil powers in Nigeria.

The Israeli televangelist, who was seen in one of his programmes, offered a special prayer for Nigeria, prophecied against any purpose of Islamization.

He declared that 2021 will be tragic, period specifically ordained to fulfil the promises of God against evil leaders holding Nigeria to ransom.

In a viral video message, Hinn said:

Lift your hands and praise his holy name!

And the Lord declares.

The Lord declares, the evil powers in Nigeria will be broken!

I see two years!

I see two years before the power begin to shatter in Nigeria.

Two years, beginning two years!

Not now, not next year, not even the year after. Two years from today.

Two years from 2019 God will begin to defeat the purpose of Islam in Nigeria.

See Video:



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