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Before you tell Buhari to take Decisive action, know this

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By Charles Ogbu

Those who are asking President Muhammadu Buhari to take decisive action to protect Nigerians being slaughtered in South Africa by South Africans are simply trying to wake a man who is merely pretending to be sleeping.

Forget it!

The Buhari we know will never take any concrete step in that regard not because he can’t but because he knows the victims are mostly from the 5% region of Nigeria. But make no mistake, he has the capacity to take swift and disproportionate action in response to the barbaric acts of the South Africans and their criminally complicit govt. And I can swear on the life of “Muona” – my wife’s goat – that had the South Africans touched a single cow, even if it is not a fulani cow, our President would have shown them his true color.

If there is anything I’ve learnt about Buhari, it is that he is guided by only one philosophy in life and that is the promotion of his ethno-religious interest. Nothing more. Any other thing outside of this, you are on your own. Buhari is neither weak nor incompetent. A man can only be said to be incompetent when he is showing lack of capacity or skills to do his assigned job but first, you must find out exactly what that job is. Our mistake is thinking we have a President who is in office to protect lives and property of ALL NIGERIANS. Nothing could be further from the truth. Buhari is here primarily to implement his ethno-religious agenda as well as protect the lives and property of ONLY THOSE FROM HIS REGION AND RELIGION. And for the sake of honesty, I must add, he has been anything but incompetent in this regard.

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Let’s look at just one example:

When the daughter of a prominent Northerner was arrested in Saudi Arabi for being in possession of Tramadol, did we not all see how the Buhari govt left no stone unturned in getting her released? We were even told there was some fictitious drug cartel that specializes in using luggage belonging to unsuspecting air passengers to transport their drug. (never mind the logical contradiction in a highly skilled highly organized INTERNATIONAL drug cartel going through all the trouble of planting and recovering a drug as cheap as ordinary tramadol, something most Northern youth consume the exact way my 6 months old Olamma consumes her mother’s breast milk). Sharp sharp, the Police quickly arrested some people whom they told us were part of the cartel. (Never mind that both the case and the arrested suspects disappeared the moment the girl was freed by the Saudi Authorities).

Such is the extend President Buhari can go when he really wants to act.

Is it not even laughable to expect a President who has REFUSED to protect you from bandits, kidnappers and fulani herdsmen – all acting with govt-sponsored impunity – to now protect you outside the country??

Say what you will but everything boils down to leadership which we currently don’t have. When you are an orphan, people who have parents can afford to treat you as they like.

The Barbarians and their complicit govt and security agencies can continue. We are orphans as far as the whole World is concerned.

Meanwhile, a Nigerian who went to Shoprite in Lagos to protest the South African killings with other Nigerian protesters have reportedly been shot dead by the Nigerian police at the exact time the South African Police are helping their own people to attack Nigerians there.

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