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Bank Fingered After Robbers Returned To Victim And Requested For Remaining Money (Watch)

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A new day in Nigeria comes with fresh ugly stories relating to security challenges posed to every household.

A surfaced video sighted by #Scannews24 contains an account of an elderly man who was attacked by armed men believed to be robbers minutes after he left a bank with his vehicle.

According to the victim who narrated partly in Igbo language and pidgin said he was stopped by the armed robbers who requested to bring the bulk of money with him.

He noted that one of the criminals assured him he would not be shot if all the money will be given to them and he complied with them.

After some seconds they drove off, they returned to him revealed that the money handed to them was not complete. He expressed shock and brought the remaining cash from his pocket.

Immediately, they disappeared.

In his words “Is bank that gave these people information. Because when they came, the guy (one of the robbers) shot at the junction and said “we don’t want to kill you we just want the money”

“So, when he said this, I said okay. I have the money. So he walked away with it but one of them returned and said “this money is not complete”, that there are more remaining.

“Then, I brought out the one remaining in my pocket and gave it to them. I believe is the bank that released the information to them.

“Is bank. I believe is bank” (he narrated in Igbo native language).

Neither the bank name nor the location of the ugly incident was not mentioned.

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