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Ban Foreign Movies’ Entrance To Nigeria, Says Desmond Elliot

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Nigerians rose to statement by Lagos State lawmaker, Desmond Elliot, urged the Federal government to ban the importation of foreign movies so that Nollywood can excel.

In his opinion the actor cum politician believes that the importation of foreign content into the country is limiting the growth of the local contents.

Despite the Ace actor’s call, majority of Nigerians however believe his proposal does not have a strong reasoning behind it.

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Stakeholders in the Nigerian movie industry could as well, amidst challenges, step-up their games to compete with the foreign contents.

Reacting to the aforesaid, a man identified as Bishi counted that it won’t be fair banning foreign contents in the country and.

Bishi, further demanded know what will happen to Nigerian contents internationally if same ban is applied on them.

In same vein, Mr. Henry, who reacted to Mr. Elliott’s motion, said that there is no local content in Nigeria as the contents pass the wrong messages to the audience

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