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Asari Calls For Peter Obi’s Arrest, List Crimes (Video)

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Melford Dokubo Goodhead Jr., best referred to as Asari Dokubo, a name easily recognized within his clique, Niger Delta People’s Volunteer Force and Ijaw ethnic group in the Niger Delta region has yet again set the media on fire.

In a retrieved clip by ScannedNews, Asari called on the Nigerian security agents to arrest and detain the Labour Party’s presidential flagbearer, Peter Obi, dropped disturbing reasons.

Registering his displeasure seeing the former Anambra State’s governor walk freely, the Niger Delta agitator said if Nigeria happens to be a sane country Obi would be in prison for a very long time ago.

He noted the presidential hopeful during his reign as governor took a huge amount of money that belongs to Anambra State and invested in his private-family business and no profit was made from it, described him as a ‘thief and a common criminal’.

Continuing on the video rant, Dokubo noted Obi admitted to having taken the said money and was supposed to be executed if the country operates like China.

He pleads on Nigerians to be careful about who they capitalize on and avoid aspirants with ‘sweat mouth’ as the 2023 general elections draw closer, most especially the presidential race.

Recall LP candidate, Obi has received numerous backlash from both the leading and opposition parties since he joined Labour Party from PDP. He is best defined as a man with no structure amid increasing support by younger countrymen to see him emerge as the next president.  Watch

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