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Are Nigerian Youths Ready Stop ‘Japaing’ – BismileTV

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One common language in Nigeria that is being recognized or echoed effortlessly is ‘Japa’.

Japa can be interpreted within groups, areas of learning, or institution but it represents travelling out of the country, mainly unplanned in search of survival amidst a troubling society or economy.

In recent times, youths have expressed bankruptcy in the education sector, criminality, corruption at all levels, and harsh economic policy and economy.

More like it is exploding population mainly from the uncensored northern part of the country, and biting unemployment.

So many reasons have given trace why younger Nigerians consider leaving the country than remaining to make it a better place for the coming generations.

On October 20, 2020, larger portion of aggrieved youngsters trooped to the condemning police brutality, harassment, unabated extortion, reassessment, and banning of SARS (A special police unit).

Reports from the panel of inquiry set up by President Mohammadu Buhari affirmed that a couple of protesters were shot and many severely injured.

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The above reasons and others yet to mention have triggered the teaming brains – Doctors, Academicians, Business Experts, and so many others disappear outside the African shore in view to survive the harsh system or have a secure enabling environment.

The question begging for an answer is ‘are Nigerian youths ready to stop japaing or ready to find a solution to the country’s problem?

According to Bismark Obilo Agubor popularly known by his handles, BismileTV, who spoke with Scanned News noted that what Nigerians need to do to save the country is in their hands and they must be meticulous about it.

“The coming national elections are a great opportunity for the willing people who wants a change to stand up and make a change.

“First, by making the Permanent Voters Card ready to be used and participate during the presidential election, specifically.

“One avenue of undoing Africa is buying their time and delaying them against their own development.

“Traveling or japaing to another country will not save Africa, particularly Nigeria from the leadership decay and numerous issues we found ourselves.

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