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Another Video surfaces of IPoB members confronting Security Personnel

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Some members of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPoB, in disclosed video, confronted some security personnel  in a bid to retrieve their wrongly seized property.

According to the video footage by a Facebook client, Okwute Biafra shared across social media groups and obtained by SCANNEWS24 i-report said the officers impounded their Motorcycle and other items illegally as they head for a meeting.

In the one minute and a few seconds video, the ably armed security men were thrown into a confused state as the youths chants in anger and undisturbed spirit ‘we are not afraid of anything, we are not afraid to die’.

They sang repeatedly while walking closer to the stationed Squad, on gearing towards absorbing their pressure the angry-looking IPOB members intensified “why are you chasing us, this is our land”.

The video which appeared old was recorded during one of the group’s visits to Ebonyi State with their leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu a few years back.

Though different versions of the video have been disclosed yet more comes out daily in a bid to passage a message.

Okwute, who was tracing back to most horrible moments years back revealed that he was among the ‘Army of Heaven, that confronted operatives of the Special Anti-Robery Squad (SARS) claiming not to be scared of anybody.

We have no intention of inciting members with the video and warned members of the group to always approach armed security men with caution.

There are more to life than death, however, the soldiers and the federal government are advised to find a lasting solution to the anger of these irritated looking youths and the question of Biafra.

Watch Video:

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