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Another tragic history hits Nigeria if grievances of secessionist groups not addressed – Usman Aliyu

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A Nigerian born Television presenter with TRTWorld, Usman Aliyu Uba has called attention of Nigerian government on the continued agitations and expression of grievances by different secessionist groups within the South East region.

He expressed fear that if the government continue to overlook these protesters there is a tendency that the country may experience another tragic history.

In a viral two minutes, video retrieved from Social media by SCANNEWS 24 showed presenter briefly analysing how the 1967-70 war started and pending tragedy that may overrun Nigeria.

According to the video message: “In the East, you have Igbos who are Christians, now the coup ring leaders pretended that the presence of the call to eliminate corruption out of the government.

“However, the Northerners claimed that this was an attempt to take power away from them.

“The menace change a sort resentment and culminating into a sort of ethnic cleansing during which the Northerners killed some Igbos residing in the North.

“And then, the then military governor of the Eastern Region, Chukwuemeka Udumegbo Ojuchukwu, he thought that since Nigeria as a country can not prevent the lives of Igbos then there is a need for secession state, that is to declare a Biafra as a republic, which will care for the life of Igbos and that is how the war began.

Citing the above analysis, Aliyu revealed that this is set to repeat itself following the continued call by some groups in the south-east region, MASSOB and IPOB expressing deep marginalization by the same government.

“Unfortunately, Nigeria I can say is on the part of tragic history repeating itself. On the meantime we have seen the rise of some pro-Biafran movements such as Movement For Actualization Of Sovereign State of Biafra and Indigenous People Of Biafra, these are groups claiming they have been marginalized.

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