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Another Golden Egg With The Golden Dogs – Richmond Amadi

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Since the return of Nigeria to Civil rule questions triggering demand of government from colonial masters and then military conquest remains unanswered looking behind a settled hundred years after independence with another four atop.

Then, our fathers would believe everything was set to be governed independently and facilitate a revamp in all areas having trained a lot of young ones in schools offshore the country.

Richmond Amadi –

The decrees against people’s wishes and a lot of inhumane policies orchestrated by the military government appeared so disturbing and speedily pushed the nation aback hence the call for a change of government.

Tracing twenty-three years behind from 1999, amid an oil boom and a number of solid minerals at the aid of the citizens Nigeria still crawls on her kneels amongst other younger African countries. The new face of aged parents is beginning to ask questions, what have you done to the ‘golden egg’?

Well, the disease seems to be a continental one eating deep through every surviving marrow to a paralysis. Yes, even as the aged parents could not show anything to brag with at the global stage, they wish to remain in office till a ‘call for glory’. Many of them that have succeeded in descending the continent where it is today began their evil conquest fifty years back, some forty and many others thirty, yet still pushing to see the country end in the same graveyard with their poisonous carcass.

They are golden dogs. They eat whatever is left on their watch. They account for nobody. They made kings and govern kings from their respective families. They see their electors and employers as enemies. They gamble with innocent souls. They have no regard for anyone except cliques. Once one made it to the golden house, their eyes are sealed against the people, with no remorse, and above the constitution they made.

The present generation thinks a lot of years (golden eggs) have been wasted by the golden dogs who live in a golden house and plan to put a stop.

The bitterness, frustration, and anger, on the faces of the haggard youths, better called Soro Soke, release wax, bream of thunder ready to strike at any time. One can easily tell what could be the consequences of anyone who betrays the movement ‘take back the nation’.

Yes, a lot of personalities have been put to scrutiny, some failed, some ignored to submit to scrutiny hence resorting to self-peace, and others appear worthy. In this screening, the result only comes from the poll. People decide and hold fate on the electorate umpire to organize a nice election – which would not accommodate impersonation, rigging, or any form of unacceptable outcome.

Should there be a contrary expectation from both the umpire and self-acclaimed Kingmakers who may thwart the wishes of the people then the unimaginable may rise.

There is a mission to resuscitate the country from collapse so to have a say with other well-to-do nations and greedy and corrupt politicians, are not expected to cause a further delay. No more time to allow the golden egg to the golden dogs.

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