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Angry Youths convey lifeless body to Igwe’s palace over alleged murder 

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Tension rises in the palace of the traditional ruler of Ogidi in Anambra State after aggrieved youths conveyed a corpse claimed to be killed by the Igwe.

The deceased, Chike Okoye Francis was said to have been killed by security personnel under the order of the traditional ruler, who is also the Village Community President.

Scannews24 gathered that Francis was pushed off a storey building at the Igwe’s palace.

However, a contrary story noted that the Igwe (Name withheld) purchased a piece of property from the community which is often destroyed by unknown vandals.

The perpetrators, according to the counter-narrative, always evade arrest and have triggered much anger.

Francis, who appeared to be among the perpetrators, this time, could not escape as police took them unaware.

During the course of trying to evade arrest, the deceased jumped from a storey building which led to his untimely demise.

The over three minutes obtained viral video show the youths with 911 Lorry conveying the remains of the late Francis and dropped it off at Igwe’s palace entrance.

The angry but aggrieved youths were overheard subbing, lamenting, called the Igwe to come to receive the corpse, adding that officers have killed one for him.

The Igwe, who was secured by armed security personnel, addressed some villagers pleaded with them to remain calm.


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