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Angry Woman Calls Out Fani-Kayode To Be Kil-led, Lists Names He Misled (Video)

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The chieftain of the All Progressive Congress and former hardcore of the People’s Democratic Party, Chief Femi-Fani Kayode has called out for a butcher by an angry woman.

The retrieved indicates the curious but disturbed lady spitting at the former aviation minister for misleading numerous Nigerians just to gain social popularity and feed his stomach.

Tracing back, she said Kayode has no shame, describing him as worst among unprincipled men; to had gone back to his vomit.

She noted that the politician called APC all sorts of unprintable names but finally went back to join them, hailing the party for accepting their kind.

She blamed the present situation of Sunday Igboho and Nnamdi Kanu on Femi, adding they were misled.

“Where is your value, where is your integrity” she queried

“Fani-Kayode you’re the worst of them all we’ve seen in this country. We have never had a type like yours.

“So you have the shame, you have the effrontery to back to the same political party you castigated all your life.

“No wonder they said you’re a cocaine addict without principle.

“Men like you should be tied to the stick and be killed for treasonable felony, because you’re a worthless human being.


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