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Angry Man attacks Buhari’s imitator  

Angry Man tattack Buhari’s imitator threaten to hunt kill him 


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Popular Comedian, Obinna Simon, known as MC Tagwaya, has threatened to arrest a Facebook client, Nonisong Nonye Alamezie for reigning insult and threatening to kill him.

The Facebook user, Alamezie, who is Obinna’s follower, had made a series of unfriendly comments in most posts shared recently on the page which attracted the attention of the Comedian.

Obbina accused him of impersonating and covering information from Nigerians on the whereabouts of Vice President Yemi Osinbajo.

His statements obtained by scannews24 read: “Fool like you because you made money by wearing Buhari masks sometimes you think u have made it make sure you don’t come to Igbo gatherings in the name of the comedy business.

“You are a big fool, the money u got from them will lead you to fire, you have the guts to ironically insult Igbos, thunder gbagbukwaa gi there

“Shebi Osinbaio is your friend? Please why can’t you tell us about him now? a ghost is ruling this nation and you are busy posting his pictures and insulting Igbos with it

You will soon die, yes I said it” He added.

Reacting to his comments, MC Tagwaye expressed deep anger promised to do everything within his power in making sure Alamezie is arrested; advise him to get a good lawyer.

Obina, who extracted major items to assist him establish a case, noted that his arrest will teach rest of his fans a lesson.

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