Man praises wife, Ifeoma for cutting wedding cost amid exotic plans (Video)

The trend of holding an exotic and costly wedding seems to fade gradually following a surprising decision made by the groom’s bride prior to their wedding day, initiating an easy and simple occasion.

The groom, Nnaemeka Precious Amaechi Chikwe, who had shared on Facebook to appreciate and thank his wife, Ifeoma Cynthia Nnaemeka, noted that he saw totally opposite of what was planned and budgeted for both the traditional and white weddings.

In his words, partly: “When my wife told me about the kind of wedding she wanted it sounded weird in my ears… I wanted a loud wedding with a DJ, chairs, canopies, cake, plenty of food and drinks and all the expensive wines. I wanted all our friends to come to witness our special day but wifey wanted something opposite.

On receiving the information from the wife the kind of wedding she needed a few days to the occasion sounded weird to his ears.

According to Chikwe, he had planned to throw up a loud wedding (exotic and costly event) where everything and everybody will be present including expensive wines.

Shockingly, on the contrary, Ifeoma suggested differently.

I remember asking her how many persons she was expecting in total and she said nothing more than 30 persons, I laughed. I laughed because I know my family members alone will beat that number talk less of my friends on Facebook, WhatsApp, and other platforms/ groups where I belong.

In view not to impress friends, families, and a large number of invitees, the couple revealed it was cut down because of life after the wedding. The occasion finally held without pre-wedding pictures, even souvenirs, DJ and other basics but simple and classical.

He continued: “And then the big day came, to our greatest surprise it worked as planned. No pre-wedding shots, no cake, no DJ, canopies, chairs, souvenirs, etc… It was just simple and classic. We were not ready to impress anybody because we understood that there’s a life after the wedding.

“Thanks to all those who made our day a success. I hope this video puts a smile in your hearts”

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