BREAKING: Army bows to pressure, freed Chiwetalu Agu

Nigerian military has finally bowed to pressure, freed Hollywood actor, Chiwetalu Agu after a night in their custody.

Agu was manhandled, humiliated while returning from movie caste along Upper Iweka and later taken to Barack on Thursday.

The arrest prompted wide range condemnation across the country quarrying while agitators are strictly targeted than the rampaging killers holding hostage and siege residents in different Northern communities.

In a sighted clip the seasoned actor defended that he was only sharing loaf worth of twn thousand naira (#10,000) to poor dwellers.

He further challenged the material interpreted to be Biafran flag is on a having a symbol ‘rising sun’ symbolizing civility.

In a statement by the military claimed Chiwetalu Agu was inciting residents to join IPOB and ESN in their uncivil protest for Biafra.

It also clarified the actor was not brutalized however resisted an arrest by the soldiers which warranted forceful approach.

Agu has been in public with same attire.