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Amnesty int’l Condemn forceful virg1nity test

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Amnesty International has condemned forceful virginity test conducted by parents and guardians, described it as invasive examination.

it said the examination is performed under determine if a woman has experienced s3xual intercourse.

In a tweet on its handle on Friday, said the test is not normally carried out. under unscientific belief adding that the practice is gender discrimination.

It, therefore, warned that every woman should not be forced into any form of s3xual examination, noting that they own their body and can do anything with it.

The tweet read: “Forced virginity testing is an invasive exam performed under unscientific belief that it can determine if a woman had s3x.

“This is gender discrimination & reinforces patriarchal power relations.

“A woman’s body belongs to no one but her & what she does with it is her business.”

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