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American lady blasts Buhari, threaten to arrest soldiers humiliating aged parent in Aba (video)

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Just when international media protest is calling for #arrestBuhari an American woman, Susan Mount, who appears to be an IPOB sympathizer, has carpeted President Mohammadu Buhari over the continued killing of Nigerians.

The lady, who is known for speaking against human rights abuses, got triggered as over 600 repentant Boko Haram terrorists are being reinterpreted into their communities.

Scannews24 understands that 601 former Boko Haram fighters graduated at the DRR camp of Operation Safe Corridor in Mallam Sidi, Gombe state.

Major General Bamidele Shafa, the Coordinator of Operation Safe Corridor, revealed on Saturday, 25 July 2020, noting that starters park and N20,000 stipend was given to them.

Mount, who shard in a video message on her Twitter handle, accused President Buhari of contributing to the Slaughtering of Christian soldiers under his watch.

Comparing to recent clampdown on rampaging terrorists by Chadian soldiers, Mount bemoaned that every other countries’ President in Africa is intensively fighting the insurgents but Buhari can not.

She noted that every humanitarian rights abuse under Buhari’s government is well documented and also keeping track of the military activities.

The US lady declared her support for Biafran people and struggle by the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB).

She further lamented that people are getting fade up in Buhari’s ‘tyrannical government’ due to the greediness of the political leaders, and Christian people are silently slaughtered.

She restated her resolve to remain the voice of persecuted Nigerians and Biafrans, challenged those not comfortable with it to get out of the country because she is watching every activity.

Meanwhile, in a separate tweet, Susan Mount threatened to apprehend those Nigerian soldiers who humiliated an aged man for allegedly stepping on the toes of a soldier.

She urged his followers and the general public to disclose to her via direct message the identity of the soldiers involved in the brutal act.


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