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Ambazonia Leader reveals next move to hasten independence (Video)

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The Ambazonia secessionist leader, Dr. Cho Lucas Ayaba has revealed to his supporters what they must do to enable the speedy actualization of a sovereign state from Cameroon.

The embattled Southern Cameroonians have faced strict clampdown from Paul Biya’s led government following the call to have a separate country.

Speaking in a viral clip sighted by SCANNNEWS24, Ayaba addressed its followers encouraged to strong and resilient.

He remarked that freedom from Cameroon remains in their hands and wouldn’t be given on a platter of gold. It could be bloody.

He urged everyone to contribute to the emancipation targeted at bringing equality, social justice, all-round development.

This is coming barely a week Dr. Ayaba had a press conference with his Nigerian counterpart, Nnamdi Kanu, aligned on putting forces together for peaceful actualization of Ambazonia and Biafra.

Kanu, who addressed in retrieved footage noted that both emerging countries have existed before coming of the colonial master and maintains rooted cultural heritage in Africa.

The alliance of both freedom fighters has given a new approach to self-determination far different from Nelson Mandela and other notable leaders. Both agitations have utilized media as a weapon against the government and its security agents than physical confrontation.

However, Cameroon and Nigerian governments have rather send forces against agitators than having a table talk over their continued calls.

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