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All criminals in Southeast forest must be flushed out – Abaribe warn Senate President (Video)

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Senate minority leader, Enyinnanya Abaribe has addressed a believed wrong statement credited to the Senate President, Ahmed Lawan over the eviction of herdsmen from the Southeast forests.

The senator representing Abia-South senatorial district, Abaribe, during deliberation at the Red Chamber, urged lawmakers to support ongoing operation by the Eastern Security Network within the region

Pointing out his view, he referred to a statement believed to had made round in the house regarding the ESN activities said it needed to be addressed.

“When the traditional healer is making medicine for the eye they shouldn’t find pepper nearby” he assertion an Igbo proverb, adding that any pepper substance that goes into the eye will invalidate the medicine.

He continued, that his point is on the speculation that Nigerians are being sent away in the East. He refuted that no one was sent away.

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Rather, criminals are being evicted from the forest where they are. He maintained that when colleagues paint the message that people are derived away, the wrong message is disseminated.

He, however, quoted the police IG who earlier stated that people attacking farmers in rural communities and forests were foreigners.

He further stressed that the question to be asking is what the invaders are doing in the forests.

He warned that the main focus is to go against criminals coming into the country and make sure they being flushed out.


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