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After Madu’s appointment, another Nigerian, Obinna, nominated by Bank of Kigali

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A Nigerian man, Obinna Ukwuani has been nominated to steer digital innovation and growth as Chief Digital Officer for the Bank of Kigali, Rwanda.

Ukwuani, a former executive at Paystack, created NESA by Makers, a Lagos-based talent centre that tutored folks on internet development.

He additionally founded Exposure Robotics Academy in 2011 on where STEM packages were enlightened to secondary school pupils.

According to BusinessDay, the academy groomed 113 college students in 17 states throughout Nigeria between 2011 and 2014.

In his new role, which took effect from June, he’s anticipated to guide the Digital Factory Division for product development for the financial institution.

Remember that one other Nigerian man, Kaycee Madu, was not too long ago assigned Justice Minister and Solicitor-General of Alberta, a province in Canada.

Madu was brought up in South-East Nigeria, finished from the University of Lagos with a law degree in 2001, and practiced law in the nation before leaving for Canada in 2005 along with his spouse.

Unarguably, this goes to show Nigerians are dominating major offices across the globe as a technocrat. But the quick question that comes to mind why Nigeria lacks credible leadership when they occupy visibly high profile positions outside its shore.

Kelechi and Obinna, who of Igbo extraction is putting a new look on Nigeria at a time the country lacks good leaders and seen as most corrupt by other nations.



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