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AFARAUKWU: Watch live night party ongoing in Kanu’s compound (Livestream)

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Follow live party ongoing in Afaraukwu at the burial wake keeping of IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu.

Presence of Jewish faithful and IPOB members keeping wake and preparing for the pending final respect to their parents is streaming live.

Kanu had announced that under the instruction of the Abia state commissioner of Police, CP Ene Okon, some officers were caught removing Close Circuit Television installed at his hometown.

He assured that more thirty-six others are placed hidden and will be used to record their atrocities.

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SITUATION REPORT:burial wake-keep of our leader parents, late Sir Israel Okwu Kanu and Sally Nmenme Kanu.Onyebuchukwu Olusco Nwa BIAFRA reporting live for Umuchiukwu writers.Remain Blessed Umunnem.

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