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Adeyinka Grandson threatens dissolution of Nigeria with Chemical Weapons to free Yorubas (video)

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The UK based Nigerian, Adeyinka Grandson has threatened the unity of Nigeria in a new viral video shared on his Facebook page on Thursday.

Grandson said is unfortunate that the Nigerian state has been hijacked by people he described as immigrants in Nigeria including Judiciary, Legislature, Executive and military.

He said Yorubas has failed to realize the reality and that has been the reason why region can not respond to attacks ‘Hausa/Fulanis’

In the 8 minutes video message, Grandson noted that virtually South Eastern governors are controlled against their will on the people of the region as well as the Yorubas.

He noted that what IPOB is passing through, including proscription and terrorist tag gears towards allowing power with the immigrants.

Emphasizing on the preservation of Power, hardly a black African goes to a country like the US to occupy the military position, noting that it will endanger the country.

Yorubas, Igbos have allowed this for so long for foreigners to had taken over the state of power noting that it requires biological or chemical weapons to overpower to restore civilization in Yoruba Land.

He, however, condemned present persecution melted on ‘Biafrans’ by Nigerian government adding that most atrocious crimes against Igbos happened during era social media was not there.


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