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Actual reason Sowore called for revolution, why Wike is against it

Out of anger, Sowore planned a revolution. This is why Governor Wike has urged for the protesters to be arrested and prosecuted.

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First, the DSS actually invited Sowore to their office at Shangisha, Lagos. But he refused to honor the invitation. When he refused the second time, they had to arrest him. They did it at night because they wanted to be sure he would be at home.

Second, Sowore’s frustration with this Administration has to do with the fact that APC did not keep a promise they made to Sowore. Amaechi paid huge amount to Sowore and had promised Sowore that if Sowore agreed for him to use Sowore’s party, AAC, in Rivers State against PDP, the APC would give him a ministerial position. So, Sowore played his part by allowing APC to use AAC in Rivers to give Wike heat. But APC did not honour their side of the deal, as regards ministerial appointment. Out of anger, Sowore planned a revolution. This is why Governor Wike has urged for the protesters to be arrested and prosecuted.

Thirdly, DSS is in possession of various statements made by Sowore including where he said he would set himself ablaze to trigger a revolution. Setting anybody, including yourself, ablaze to cause shock and awe is actually an act of terrorism and DSS can easily use the terrorism prevention law to secure an order to detain Sowore for 100 days without charging him to court. And when finally charged to court, they can use his threats of suicide to block bail.

Fourthly, having gone this far, they will very likely charge him. But they will keep him in their detention for about 4 months first. They know that if they charge him now, that will allow him access to supporters during court hearings and he will be remanded in prison where he would have access to visitors. Now, while in DSS detention, he has no access to the outside world.

Fifthly, the Government has arranged a rival protest group with potentials of a crash between the two groups. That is a pretext for the police to clamp down on all protests.

By the side, Soyinka’s super support for Sowore is really ironic. Soyinka openly refused to support Sowore’s in the elections, but he supports him in revolution. A better thing would have been for Soyinka to support Sowore and help him win election and become President of Nigeria and there will be no need for revolution.

Noise or popular opinion will not move DSS. If noise could do that, they would not have detained Nnandi Kanu.

Judging by Buhari’s standard operating procedure, Sowore may not be free until Buhari leaves office. But that may be good for Sowore because when he finally comes out, he could become the Mandela of Nigeria which is what he aspires to.

This is not to support DSS against Sowore. God forbid that. The purpose of this post is to keep DPA members realistically informed as to what to expect. Also note that the situation may change suddenly and Sowore could be set free today or the revolution may be a huge success and Sowore will emerge the head of the new Nigeria. Everything is still possible.


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