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Achieving Peaceful Election, BismileTV gives guide

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Nigeria is currently intense and looking at the upcoming general elections which interestingly avail another opportunity to determine who becomes the next number one citizen of the country.

What should be targeted at this point by the electoral umpire, and security agencies is how to fragility a peaceful election. Tracing behind, Nigeria has recorded disturbing history of elections where innocent citizens are attacked, ballots are hijacked, INEC staff/AD-HOC workers are slain, results are manipulated and the court announced the wrong contestant, a winner, etc.

A media personnel and seasoned blogger at BismileTV, Bismark Obilo Agubor who spoke to Scanned News, has given a brief guide on what the concerned bodies should be looking at to conduct an election free from the ugly experience enlisted above.

“Firstly, to get it right in the next phase of Nigeria’s poll, considering the fragility of the country, the narrative of religion should not be a priority among public officeholders when determining representatives. From the origin, the religious card and sentiment have never done any good than dividing the country into shrewd.

“We understand Nigeria remains a secular nation struggling hard to tolerate differences of everyone across culture and norms and a number of sensitive issues like religion ought to be outgrown.

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“Secondly, the incumbent government and party should be neutral. The idea of trying to influence election outcomes to the favour of widely rejected candidates would further destroy the system.

“Thirdly, the new electoral law that empowers electronic transmission of results should be complemented with decent and disciplined workers who will not in any way aid to upturn the will of Nigerians.

“The ENDSARS experience should be a lesson that no government should be allowed to repeat or risk having an uncontrollable revolution. At this time in our country, no one should be used as a scapegoat by any group or wicked politician(s) to achieve their goal. The will of the masses must be loudly heard and not upturned like the Imo state scenario where a fourth person made it to the seat of power via the supreme court’s wrong verdict.

“Lastly, the electorates should understand their predicament and know how it could be resolved. The decision to caste vote based on tribal man or woman, friend or helper should be the last criteria to consider.

“Leaders should be ones who are educationally sound, agile to upfront primary duties and have a reputable public record. Voting on who is indisposed or healthily trapped would not also be a wise choice. Obilo pointedly noted.

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