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Abaribe backs protesters clamouring in South East, asks FG to criminalize herders

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The senate minority leader, senator Enyinaya Abaribe has responded critics regards his resolve to defend leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu despite the gravity of his case.

While responding to questions on African Independent Television (AIT), FOCUS Nigeria programme, the senator representing Abia North senatorial district, Abaribe remarked that he did what was expected of him as Igbo man.

He added that in such situation that required a senator, one doesn’t expect a senator from the Northern region to play a role when he represents them.

He, however, advised the federal government to respect peoples’ right to protest which is fundamental to exercise when aggrieved.

He further questioned the government’s justification to had kept fighting peaceful protesters clamouring for what they believed is their right whilst condoning violence melted against Nigerians by rampaging attackers.

He noted that government is taking a position in national issues, said Igbos are treated as second class citizens while those ought to be criminalized for carrying guns around are moving freely.

In his words:

“The conditions for bail and one of these conditions were, somebody, a senator must sign and I stepped up to do that because is the condition of the bail “a senator”.

“I’m full-blooded Igbo man and I’m representing Igbo people in the national assembly and a matter comes up and it needs a senator, of cause you will not go to a senator from Adamawa, of cause you will come to a senator from the south-east and that is why I came there.

“And secondly, I have made this point before and I will make it again. You can not criminalize and ban a people doing non-violent protest for whatever reason, seeking, that are fundamental rights and you refused to criminalize people carrying AK47 creating havoc, killing Nigerians, sending them away from their farms and… to IDPs, criminalize them, you said no that they are Nigerians. Why?

It was this disparity that makes the youths in the south-east think that they are being treated as second class citizens and that is all”

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