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A man returns 365k wrongly paid into his bank account 

40-Yr-Old Man Walks into Bank to Return N365k Mistakenly Paid into his Account, Bank Praises Him

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40-Yr-Old Man Walks into Bank to Return N365k Mistakenly Paid into his Account, Bank Praises Him

Stephen Waiganjo has to turn into the discussion of the town in Eldama Ravine after he brought back KSh 100k (N365k) despatched to his account wrongly.

Waiganjo waited patiently for the financial institution to reverse the cash however nothing happened, signaling that he visits a bank and report the error.

The bank was in a position to initiate an alteration after which the cash was diverted to the right account.

On January 27, 2022, at around 10 am, Stephen Waiganjo acquired KSh 100,000 (N365ok) on his M-Pesa from NCBA Bank Nairobi Branch.

Provided that he didn’t anticipate such an amount of cash from anybody, he went about his business whereas ready for the rightful possessor to reach out and acknowledge it.

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The other expectation, as he disclosed during a chat, was that Safaricom would initiate a reversal and redirect the cash to the right number, however that too didn’t ensue.

The 40-year-old man from Shauri Yako village in Eldama Ravine town stepped into NCBA Bank Nakuru Branch and clarified the expensive error.

After attending to him and understanding the problem, a transaction consented to reversal.

It happened that the person who initiated the money transfer entered Waiganjo’s cellphone number right into a payment schedule by oversight.

The administration of the financial institution applauded Waiganjo, who’s a casual worker on the Eldama Ravine Sub-County Hospital, for his honesty and kindness.

“People may be poor but rich in character,” customer service representative Ms. Sharon Chelagat said of Waigango.”

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