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A leader who does not READ can’t LEAD his people – Omokri

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The former media aide to ex-President Goodluck Jonathan, Reno Omokri has advised leaders on how to lead effectively so to be approved by the led.

In a four-paragraph guide shared on his official account Thursday evening, Omokri noted that leaders are not meant to dominate the people they are leading rather they (the leaders) needs to dominant themselves in view to allow the people nominate you as their leader.

In the process where the above is not followed, the people will rebel against the leader.

In his words: “Don’t dominate people. They will rebel against you. Rather, dominate yourself and people will nominate you as their leader”

He also added that a true leader stands as a role model to the people and needs to focus on improving himself to impact the best preaching to the people.

Omokri continued: “A true leader does not only improve others. He focuses on improving himself because the best preaching is to be a role model”

Omokri, who is an author, maintained that leadership is traced by actions taken and not the position one occupies or being a Boss.

“Leadership comes from the actions you take, not the position you occupy. Being the boss does not necessarily make you the leader. He noted.

He, however, advised leader to engage in reading noting that a leader who does not read can not lead his people, he will rather LID, one who blocks people’s progress.

“A leader who does not READ can’t LEAD his people. He can only LID them by being the lid that blocks their progress in life” Omokri added.

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