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9-year-old survives fall from 3 storey building (Photo, Video)

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A 9-year-old girl, Chidera, has survived a free fall from 3 storey building following a misstep during a play with her peers.

Scannews24 Correspondent was in the scene when the tragic event occurred on Wednesday, 11 April 2018 by 6-7 pm.

The girl, whose name was not clarified because of surrounding situation, felled from a 3 storey building located at 3B Ekwe Street, Mile 3 Diobu, Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

In what appeared as ordinary scenario earlier, two other kids at adjacent building sighted someone from a building, felled like a ball.

On getting close, it was a girl, who according to yard members, came for holiday following school holiday.

The parents were said to have left her with other children to their various businesses.

According to the girl’s playmates, she ran from inside passage to outside corridor, when the speed applied was high, she pushed the building protector off as she was gasping for a place to fall on, causing her to fall off the building.

The girl was rushed to the nearby private hospital, where our Scannews24 Correspondent visited and found out there were no facilities to administer the patient.

On arrival, the hospital was totally in thick darkness, no ventilation, no professional Doctor and the owner of the hospital died earlier in 2016 and left the place at the mercy of poor Nigerians.

Despite the demise of the owner, the workers chose to manage the place to the detriment of people’s lives.

In a case of internal fracture, following the fall, the hospital administered drip amidst the stack nature of the place.

It was when our Correspondent threatened the girl’s family members, hospital attendees and sympathizers that they transferred the girl to a clinic located at Mile 1 Diobu, Port Harcourt.

The building, on the other hand, needs government attention. Both roof, blocks, and building makeups are rightly falling off because of its old nature.

The building in its entirety has lost value, standard and outdated.

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