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59 years after: Nigeria still crawling under whim, caprices of rudderless leadership – Barr Azubuike

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By Barr Azubuike Anoliefo

59 years after independence, the Nigeria nation state is still a Toddler, crawling under the whims and caprices of rudderless leadership bereft and depraved of statecraft and moral conscience to be in the saddle.

Today the nation is bewildered by grave insecurity. Death looms at every corner, nook and crannies. Our economy is convulsively malaise and gasping for life.Our social and physical infrastructure are decaying and others are on quicksand. Nigeria is a living dead.

The ship of State is in tempestuous waters with obvious symptoms of State of anomie and a failed state.Militancy, terrorism, kidnapping and marauding Herdsmen who plunder, maim, kill and rape is our lot.

The rule of law has been sacrificed on the Altar of an inept tyrannical rulership where court orders are disobeyed with disdain impunity and recklessness unknown in the annals of our political history, even under military dictatorship.The indices are ominous.

The ship of State is drifting abysmally to the precipice.

Wither Nigeria!

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