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Barring any last minute change of mind, the die is cast between the pretenders and contenders; with President Buhari’s dramatic decision to throw his hat once again into the political ring of 2019 battlefield.

The ruling party obviously suffered the brute end of tough luck, following the massive cross-carpeting of party faithful to the former ruling party during a rally staged at Mr President ’s country home.

On that day, the State of Hospitality convulsed to the true power of 21st century politicking and submitted to the grace of the former ruling party like a vessel tilting to the splendorous splatter of the Pacific.

The good times seem to have started rolling in for the PDP, signposting that a blunted sword need only come into contract with a whetstone and it will become sharp again. Casting a probing look at the demographic resurrection of the opposition parties across the river, it is glaring to all wandering eyes; that some irrepressible forces of nature have combined to make the APC slow her roll after a glorious stint to an Olympian height in 2015. Small wonder, the ruling party’s troubleshooting efforts in re-writing the wrongs of the past; by dismantling the “Bermuda Triangle” in the party, catalysing the urgent need for the President to emerge from the tides thus relaxing all speculations.

The recent 2019 election evangelism gingered by INEC, which saw them drawing up conclusions; that electronic voting is gone and dusted remains a puzzle yet to be solved. In responsible climes, such decision ought to have been taken immediately following 2015 elections; to show accountability, transparency, trustworthiness etc, thereby honouring all parties involved with sense of belonging. Also, the recent submission by the National Population Commission that Nigeria’s headcount approximates 198 million is part of series of clandestine, microwaved rigging calendar ahead of 2019 elections.

In a similar vein, the appointment of Barrister Festus Okoye; a known acolyte of Governor Rochas Okorocha and who is close to the ruling party’s blue-blooded class, as INEC National Commissioner representing South-East geo-political zone leaves sour taste in the mouth. It shows that the 2019 election results have long been doctored, hence the need to plant foot soldiers in strategic positions to ensure its concretization. A malleable candidate like Barrister Festus is needed in Igboland, to motor in pliable lieutenants at the polls in all the states because of their body language and loud dislike for the President.

Further, in a hastily bid after experiencing a succession of disappointments from major voices that aided their victory in 2015, the ruling party started the unthinkable by throwing their vendetta quadrant in the habitat of perceived enemies. The plot rivered out the half-hearted looters list as a tool to water the floor of mass arrest of oppositions in order to destabilize them. Nicodemously beclouded with the impending fever of defeat and the possibility of maintaining the status quo dissipating into the air, like a worthless imagination, fed upon illusion and put to death by reality; “Vacancy in Aso Rock” rainbowed through their subconsciousness prompting them to go for the jugular, by dropping their frustrated hammer on Distinguished Senator Ike Ekweremadu, who is surveyed as a sellable Vice Presidential Candidate from the South East.

In a technical kite flying statement, Uche Nwosu; Governor Okorocha’s son-in-law trumpeted that Alaigbo will not accept any Vice Presidential slot in order to foreclose the chances of Senator Ike Ekweremadu germinating.

In addition, the Presidency has dismissed the international embarrassment meted to the President in the UK, where Nigerians submitted their displeasure on his second coming; as the voice of Jacob, but the hand of Esau. It said, that the protest was the brainchildren of the published elites that raped the nation via looting. This line of thinking is not ideal of a people smarting to take on the prefix of the Presidency in 2019, because their double standing, scripts them as unteachable. Reading political meaning to any genuine advice or correction like the case of Bill Gates speaks volume of their infamous leadership status.

For those who thinks that the second missionary journey of the President will be a walk in the Park, should do the mathematics and generate the solution themselves.

Trust, accountability, security, economy, restructuring etc, should form the template for sizing candidates and parties ahead of 2019 electioneering campaigns, because we cannot understand how a government that claimed to have decimated Boko Haram is now asking for $1Billion Insurgency Fund. Even a baby knows that these humongous sums are for the President’s re-election Project.

We cannot afford to spirit away our forefathers sacrifice on the altar of political correctness, tribal colouration and creed marriage.

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