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2023: Youths disgraces Campaigning politician, made him leave in shame (Video)

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A glimpse of how the next electioneering would look like has surfaced in a retrieved clip in circulation, indicating the moment a man who is believed to be a politician left a campaign scene in shame.

The majority of Nigerian youths who have suffered unfriendly leadership under the All Progressive Congress-led administration, which have extended people’s suffering, unemployment, etc appear to be unhappy and reserving and waiting for the political leaders to begin an electoral campaign.

However, as Nigeria’s general election comes up in 2023, the viral video has shown a man, whose identity could not be verified, was booed by angry youths.

The man believed to be an APC was addressing newsmen in a particular event when the youths who pretended to be taking note of his statements suddenly topped up voices ‘they have failed’.

He was apprehended by shock and quickly stopped the briefing and was observing in surprise.

The chanting continued adding up, ‘APC, they have failed’ repeatedly and gathered closer to him. The man was rescued by good persons who managed to walk him out from the chanting crowd.

Recall, Youths have claimed to had lost hundreds of protesters during last year’s Endsars call geared towards reviewing police brutality on innocent citizens, killings, and scrapping of a police unit, SARS.

The protest which was said to be hijacked by hoodlums by government officials caused the protestors to hurriedly withdraw the demonstration.


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