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2023: Voting acute dementia president twice is not mistake but choice – Lawyer

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Notable Nigerians are beginning to call the attention of voters to be weary of who represents them in various political offices as the next Nigeria’s general elections come close.

The biting hardship, insecurity, and skyrocketing food prices including unemployment have suddenly awakened the attention of the populace on who presides over the economy in the next phase of government.

The present government of President Mohammadu Buhari has been accused of being in the dark about the primary needs of the people, to some point, said to suffer from brain-related issues.

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Barrister Malcolm Omirhobo, who registered his displeasure on tweep on Monday pointedly noted that repeating the same mistake should be regarded as a choice, warning electorates to be wise.

The shared post on his official handle (@malcolminfiniti) read: “When a people elect presidential candidates suffering from acute dementia twice as their president it is no longer a mistake but a choice.

It continued, in his words: “Fellow Nigeria come 2023 we do not need another acute dementia patient as our next president. The choice is ours. Let’s vote wisely.

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