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2023: Time to get it better? BismileTV

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Nigeria remains in the heart of the average resident a country that has come to its end and has no one in sight for a quick rescue.

Year in and year out, the aging parents grind in pain towards their graves, and younger ones advance to adulthood steering at no hope amid abundant resources naturally provided and made available by God.

The question remains, what is behind Nigeria’s underdevelopment? Who are the people so interested in seeing the country remain impoverished before rapidly developing African nations?

Are Nigerians now comfortable with what is falling them or they are left with no choice or help?

The few highlighted questions appear unattainable hence the country can be workable, again.

Another year is steering before everyone when another face of leaders and leadership is ushered in into the various political offices or returns the few criminals who are devilishly bent on ripping Nigeria and the people of their commonwealth.

In brief, who are these criminals? According to Bismark Obilo, CEO of BismileTV who spoke to ScannedNews correspondent, Richmond Amadi described them as a few greedy politicians occupying only the lowest percentage of the populace.

These sets of people are interconnected across parties, highly rooted in every sensitive offices deciding daily on how the country is managed. They do not have the people at heart, only consider their immediate families yet use the poor ones to achieve their evil aims.

They have various strategized ways of using the electorates to their benefit, notably, making the people hungry and in turn giving out money for a vote, and exchanging political contracts for a meal.

What is so frustrating is that these unacceptable people can be found in any party disguised to be real people. They speak nicely and preach to hungry and suffering-dying households.

Eligible voters are advised to be careful not to allow a repeat of the past eight years. If Nigeria will work again, let this time be real-time. Vote for qualified candidates. Educated leaders have to come in. Young and vibrant souls, who are industrially minded should be elected.

People having questionable histories, unverifiable sources of wealth, and autocracy should be let out. Let leadership that can listen to the yearning of the impoverished citizens be voted.

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