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2023: Don Solace Predict Possible Election Outcome

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Don Solace, the Chief Executive Officer of Afobata Co LTD has given an analysis of the 2023 presidential election and its possible outcome.

In a special interview with ScannedNews reporters, Don Solace pegged his points considering the popularity and contestants’ fanbase, ticking Labour Party’s presidential candidate, Peter Obi to emerge victorious.

Don Solace

Peter Obi without any doubt is going to be the winner of the 2023 General Presidential Election. The popularity the man is enjoying on social media does not end there because the number of people supporting him offline is more than that online.

In his words: “It is obvious that the northern votes will be divided between Tinubu (as a Muslim), Atiku, and Kwankwaso (if he did not withdraw before then), and peter obi will get at least 20% votes from the north.

“2023 Election will be beyond and there will be no room for rigging because the youths are really out.

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“I have come to terms with my observations about supporters of the presidential flag bearers of APC, PDP, and LP.

“The supporters of APC/Tinubu are mostly those that rely on government patronage, the existing corrupt system, brief-case/portfolio contractors, and businessmen who have no viable means of livelihood or ability to create wealth outside of government. They depend solely on the government to live.

“The supporters of PDP/Atiku are mainly those who did not benefit from APC’s maladministration, with the hope that Atiku’s presidency will somehow allow them to make money from the treasury, they are so used to free money from their days in government that the last 7 years have so impoverished them and they can’t wait to take over.

“They have almost the same Ideology as the APC except that one is in power and the other can’t wait to replace the one in power. Nothing dissimilar.

“As for LP/Obidients, the supporters are mostly self-reliant people, whose only dream is to have a working government. They believe Nigeria has great and enormous potential and can work again. They want a new beginning for Nigeria; a change from the endemic corruption that has been the bane of Nigeria’s development. They want a RESET.

“They want Nigeria to be productive by industrialization. They want a shift from consumption to production. They want to get the seaports working again, efficiently and effectively, and as well tackle insecurity by creating jobs and industrializing the economy. Every child due for school-age will be in school knowing fully educated citizens automatically translate into a productive populace.

“I can picture a scary ending of the results. There’s an indication Peter Obi may not be sworn in if elected which may trigger an uncontrollable revolution. The plotters and wicked politicians may not survive it. I’m not a prophet but predicting the revolution would last three years without a substantive president, leading to the splitting of the country into North and South.

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