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2022: Hardship May Continue Until President Buhari Leaves – Prophet Kolawole

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IBADAN – Prophet Richard Ko­lawole, General Over­seer, Christ Apostolic Church, Arogungbo­gunmi, Oyo State has said that Nigerian, in the New Year, holds no promise under the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari as God showed him that the citizens would continue to languish in hardship.

The popular man of God spoke on Thursday at the end of the year press conference of the church tagged, ‘Prophetic messages from the throne of grace in the year 2022,’ held at the CAC Arogungbogunmi International, Olunde, Ibadan, Oyo State.

He lamented the situation of the country, saying that with the current government in power, there was no hope of a better tomorrow for the country.

Prophet Kolawole, who spoke at the widely attended programme, said, “You can quote me. Write it on the pag­es of the newspaper; let it be known to the Nigerian citizens that under President Muham­madu Buhari administration, there is nothing better on the horizon.

“The only thing that we can do is that Nigerians should be praying that this government should just pass away. You can remember the prophecy of last year that I delivered. I said that the year 2021 would be bad un­der this government. You all are living witnesses to the sit­uation of the country. Things have been really bad.

“In 2022, Jehovah shall reign in the life of His chil­dren who believe absolutely and follow the ordinances of God. Inasmuch as the shed­ding of innocent blood does not stop in this country, God shall continue to visit Nigeria with plagues.

“The Lord says terrorism shall continue until the end of the present administration. Banditry and kidnapping shall also be on the increase. Past and present leaders of this country shall face attacks from angry youths as a consequence of their bad governance.”

He stated that fire incidents would reduce nationwide in the year 2022, adding, “The Lord said that this country shall witness another stag­gering and unstable economy. Political office holders should go back to their constituencies to give the people dividends of democracy.

“The Lord says that any further deregulation of the oil sector shall bring this coun­try down beyond imagination. Any addition to fuel pump price shall lead the country into serious crisis greater than the experience during the #EndSARS protest.”

He also lamented the roles of the international commu­nity in the deplorable state of Africa, saying that “The Lord says that America and European community are the problems behind the stunted growth of the African conti­nent. They are bringing Africa down; their motive is to exact their dominance over the en­tire continent of Africa.”

The cleric warns ex-pres­idents to caution Buhari against impending danger in Nigeria.

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