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200 killed persons at Ihiala Checkpoint, youth confront Police in anger, tears (Video)

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Infuriated Youths in Ihiala Local Government Area in Anambra State are said to have clashed with a police team at one of the police checkpoints following an unfortunate accident in the area.

A retrieved clip has indicated a number of youths gathered at a police station in view of confronting the personnel.

According to the footage sighted by ScannedNews several lifeless bodies were spotted on the floor and others with different degrees of injuries were said to have survived a ghastly accident.

Though the cause of the accident was not briefed, however, the commentator who also was taping the scene of the incident noted that the checkpoint, since the on-set has caused the death of over two hundred persons.

Also, alleged security personnel deployed to the various checkpoints a fond of shooting at innocent residents whenever they clamour or protest against their activities. Video

Go attention is expected to be focused on the area as reported police disturbing activities to avert further clash between youths and men of the Police Force.


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