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100 names Nigerians wished to call Nnamdi Kanu if they’ve him as biological brother

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IPOB leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu

In a question and answer post by scannews 24 earlier on Saturday, ‘If He Is Your Brother, What Would You Call Him?’ Nigerians ceased opportunity to enlist over hundred adoring names to call IPOB leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.


Amongst all names enlisted, the most common name is ‘my hero.


The names and commenters are as follows:

  • Vicktor Anthony Chukwu: Utazi MY MENTOR , HERO And PROPHET, IN FACT HE is a SAVIOUR
  • Hajia Auchi: My mentor my leader
  • Sam O Presley Oluwayinka: Fearless Genius!
  • Livinus Chukwunonyelum: MY MESSIAH!
  • Engr Samuel Nwekr: great hero of our time
  • Igboke Solomon C: MY MENTOR
  • Francis Edward: A faithful man
  • Okeke Esther: fearless leader and freedom fighter I really like his person
  • Afam Bu Tochi: A great leader
  • Mic Anthia: Although am nt in support of his ambition bt i can call him an intellect
  • Ethothi Ogban: A great man
  • Olusanya Olajideemmanuel: Fearless leader
  • Ohagwu Wisdom Jnr: The leader of the faithful
  • Ajibaye Horlaiton Abdulgafar: He is a MENTOR
  • Frank Chucks: A great man
  • Orunna Okafor: I only called he without jesus in ur life,u can make it
  • Johnson Aloh: The most intelligent freedom fighter ever exist
  • Cooleo Ahans: Fearless Leader
  • Nnamdi Ndubuife Afamdi: He is my brother, my mentor, the prophet of our time, Agbalusia ngene ama kulu ngene nuo. My able leader mazi Nnamdi Kanu Ohamadike one na ala Biafra.the hero of all heros.
  • Chidera Wali: Biafra Prophet of ny time
  • Emmanuel Ngwuta: Even if he is not mg Brother.. He his a master of Ipob
  • Bashir Adamu Gadau: Leader of kirikiri prison
  • CY Ugwu Onyebuchi: After Jesus is him
  • Stan Stanley: Messiah from the East
  • Chris Ndidi: My able man
  • Idoko Jude: Freedom fighter
  • Sampson Oko Nweke: Everything
  • Daniel Abuchi: My hero
  • Okonkwo: Harrison Big Bros
  • Mhiz Saga: A hero
  • Presi Ozizi: I LIKE Him… Freedom seeker
  • Eze Ogbonna: My king
  • Evangelist Chioma Okpalaononuju: Lion man.
  • Akinloye Adegoke: freedom fighter
  • Chukwuebuka Jeffrey Nwodo: Mayor
  • Youngazy Overmas Chigoziem: My king and my hero
  • Chi Best Joseph: The strong fearless Man and faithful leader. We love Prince Nnamdi Kanu so much.
  • Nnamdi Ndan Nwachineke: My Hero
  • Mariam Mkpokpo: Leader
  • Damian VC Anyanwu: He no get name?
  • Luda Umombe G: Abobi
  • Moria Nky: Fearless bros mi.
  • Vincent Obi: Greatest
  • Promise Daniel: My hero
  • David Ifeanyi: AGU NWOKEBIELU.
  • Chima Daniel: the man who saw tomorrow
  • Chibueze King: Warrior
  • Hope Anietie: Brave Man
  • Donseke Awaco: hero
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